"Hybrid" Short Minus

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Please Read Before Buying!

The Univsall Hybrid!  More form fitted than the "Flyless".  They fall somewhere between Vale Tudo (skin-tight short) and board short, hence the name. They have the arched knee for knee pad clearance, moisture management properties, crotch dart for cup placement comfort, a little bit of stretch, and again, no velcro to speak of.  Your rash guard won't get shredded if you reach past your fly. And if you have a refined inverted guard, your crotch won't slash your face!

Alright settle in, I'll try to keep this brief.  The short of it, pun intended, is that after failing to find someone to make a small quantity of these shorts for me domestically, I went overseas and ended up with a product that is not up to my standard.  And while the manufacturing is definitely sub-par, and you will no doubt pop stitches, these are extremely comfortable shorts.  And my dissatisfaction with the final product is reflected in the price.  They will wear, but you will enjoy riding them into the ground!  

Hence the "minus" in the title.  A "+" in the title denotes a different manufacturing process that meets my standards..., made in Seattle, they also cost more. Your choice! 

This garment may bleed if warn before washed, so please wash in warm before you start rolling around in it.



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