About us

UniVsall (pronounced Universal) is an artistic, performance apparel company that started with a simple desire to create a performance brand that represents the sport of Mixed Martial Arts as it is virtuous and intellectual.  The UniVs.All (wordplay: "One Versus All") flag is a hybrid flag which reflects that ethic by saluting the countries, cultures and the diverse techniques that constitute MMA.

I started with zero experience in brand and garment design, but I knew that I wanted to create a trunk that is light, extremely comfortable and importantly, without Velcro.  I grew tired of "Velcro-rash", its destructive effects on my other clothing, and its stiffness while rolling and sparring.  So I began making prototypes, and I started learning graphic design programs.  Well, as it goes, one sample turned into more than I can count, and Univsall ended up with two very functional and comfortable trunks for MMA training and competition-the "Flyless" and the "Hybrid".  The brand continues to develop in different artistic directions-street art, ceramics, garment design, performance art, video art- as my design skills continue to develop beyond my humble beginnings.  I do believe that MMA is a thinking man's (or woman's) sport, and I do my best to reflect that ethos in my design.

I love what I do.  I love the sport.  Those of you that know me know that I'll keep on keepin' on, doing my best to evolve in the cage, in the ring and on the mat, both as a martial artist in the lifestyle and as an artist and designer with the brand.

Thank you in advance for supporting the project.  In the good ol' US of A we vote with our pocket books, so if you find value in this brand please support the venture, and tell your friends!

Be Good Sportsmen!

Trevor Jackson




Trunk Waist Sizing

Hybrid Trunk

S 28-30"

M 31-33"

L 34"-35"

XL 36"-38"


Flyless Trunk




XL 38"-40"